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Deleting my personal photos tonight and ceasing to blog.

It was a fun time, I’m gunna miss it.

Hit me up if you would like to keep in touch.

Bye tumblr!

Well I just logged back in after some months away with the intention of posting again.

Thanks to the really creepy messages from angry followers I’ve decided to delete my photos and quit this blog permanently.

It’s not exactly a good thing if people are demonstrating some strange sense of entitlement to my body in their messages and acting upset.
Or old men being all “daddy issues? You can be my little girl ;)))”

whut…..srsly whut…….

I’m sad because I enjoyed this blog in the beginning but I’ve learned that a nudity blog vs. a horny blog are on too fine a line.

If you want to keep in touch and do not display any of the traits complained about above, I’d be stoked! Just send me a message.

Otherwise, goodbye guys. It was fun but I’ve been successfully scared off.


(via Eliza Sys by David Bellemere - monu)

Romina Shama


“The young colt” Ramatuelle, 1972, by David Hamilton

(via Eliza Sys by David Bellemere - monu)

for all of you horny teenagers